A Trailer a Day

Headed out for Chicago!

Here's a trailer for each day of the fest.  Tonight at midnight, it's the film that's being billed as the first horror film out of Israel, Rabies (dir., Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado):

10/8 - Martha Marcy May Marlene (dir. Sean Durkin), starring Elizabeth Olsen:

 10/9 - Tyrannosaur (dir. Paddy Considine)

10/10 - Day is Done (dir., Thomas Imbach)

10/11 - L.A. Raeven:  Behind the Image (dir., Lisa Boerstra)

10/12 - Smuggler (dir. Katsuhito Ishii)

10/13 - Kinyarwanda (dir, Alrick Brown)

10/14 - Bonsai (dir., Christian Jiminez)

10/15 - Here (dir., Braden King)

10/16 - Natural Selection (dir., Robbie Pickering)

10/17 - Valley of the Forgotten (dir., Maria Raduan)

10/18 - Target (dir., Alexander Zeldovich)

And, as for 10/19...will the Surprise Event be worth the extra night???

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