Top Ten - 47th Annual Chicago International Film Festival

Not a huge believer in lists, but here it is, just for fun.  1-6 are a pretty impressive, interchangeable lot.  7-8 are definitely a tier below, but still films I enjoyed immensely.  For what it's worth...

1.  "Pina"  Wim Wenders - UK
2.  "The Turin Horse"  Bela Tarr - Hungary
3.  "Once Upon a Time in Anatolia"  Nuir Bilge Ceylan - Turkey
4.  "Into the Abyss"  Werner Herzog - USA
5.  "Day Is Done"  Thomas Imbach - Sweden
6.  "Crazy Horse"  Frederick Wiseman - USA
7.  "Smuggler"  Katsuhito Ishii - Japan
8.  "Southwest"  Eduardo Nunes - Brazil
9.  "Rabies"  Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado - Israel
10."Andrew Bird:  Fever Year"  Xan Aranda - USA

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