Best Films 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road George Miller

Adieu au Language Jean-Luc Godard

The Hateful Eight Quentin Tarantino

Inherent Vice Paul Thomas Anderson

Hard To Be A God Aleksey German

Experimenter Michael Almereyda

A Pigeon Sat On a Branch Reflecting On Existence Roy Andersson

The Duke of Burgundy Peter Strickland

Saint Laurent Bertrand Benello

The Big Short Adam McKay

The Best of the Rest

What We Do In the Shadows (Clement/Waititi)
Ex Machina (Garland)
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (Gibney)
Clouds of Sils Maria (Assayas)
The Assassin (Hou)
Jupiter Ascending (Wachowskis)
Mustang (Erguven)
Mr. Holmes (Condon)

The Disappointments:
          Bone Tomahawk (Zahler); Trumbo (Roach)

The "Just Terrible":
           Creed (Coogler); Ted 2 (MacFarlane);
           Mortdecai (Koepp); Maggie (Hobson)

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