Best Discoveries 2017

A collection of first-time views from 2017 that are worth noting, starting with one of Kaurismäki's lesser-known classics, Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana, and Dino Risi's superb Il Sorpasso, both recommended by Jim Jarmusch in a recent interview. Also included here are a few pictures that are only for the truly adventurous, Ontological-Hysteric Theater founder Richard Foreman's Strong Medicine primary among them (as far as I know, only available to view on YouTube), followed closely by an absurdist post-Beckett/pre-Gilliam gem, Richard Lester's The Bed-Sitting Room. And, as always, a few older pics (the Pre-Code salaciousness of Murder at the Vanities!), mixed in with a few more recent ones (the 2007 salaciousness of Anna Biller's Viva!), a little art, a little trash, and a little "in-between"...

     Aki Kaurismäki

The Dead, 1987
     John Huston

Strong Medicine, 1981
     Richard Foreman

1984, 1956
     Michael Anderson

The Bed Sitting Room, 1969
     Richard Lester

Murder at the Vanities, 1934
     Mitchell Leisen

All About Lily Chou-Chou, 2001
     Shunji Iwai

The Servant, 1963
     Joseph Losey

Il Sorpasso, 1962
     Dino Risi

Tony Manero, 2008
     Pablo Larraín

Twentieth Century, 1934
     Howard Hawks

The Gladiators, 1969
     Peter Watkins

Starcrash, 1978
     Luigi Cozzi (as Lewis Coates)

Viva, 2007
     Anna Biller

Skidoo, 1968
     Otto Preminger

We Can't Go Home Again, 1973
     Nicholas Ray

Camera (Short), 2000     
     David Cronenberg

The Golden Coach

Jean Renoir, 1952